Rooms Ideas Please

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  1. We (me and zzbell) are trying to build a huge castle! It is made of stone and stone brick and we have almost finished on a creative testing server. However we have a spare room and we do not know what to do with it! currently we have a dining room and foyer. This spare room has a glass wall and is semicircular! we have no clue what to do with this room so if you have any ideas please post and help us! It is on zzbell-2's residence however it is only in the planned stage there! p.s we are not the most amazing builders so please not anything to hard
  2. P.P.S. We are on SMP3
  3. P.P.P.S we would be eternaly grateful to whoever cam up with the best idea!
  4. a potion making or enchanting room!
  5. Library for 1.3? Maybe?
  6. Why for 1.3? How will libraries b different in 1.3?
  7. Writeable books!
  8. Definitely throne room! Oh and a furnace room too!
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  9. How about a sheep farm? maybe underground?
  10. Me and alden4343 have made a library on smp6 @ 12846! Lol!
  11. Library is good. perhaps a miniature forest, a shop like d1223m's? Or an execution chamber! Yeah, that!
  12. Please remember the room has been built we just dont know what to put in it. It is made of stonebrick and glass and is semicircular
  13. it is also on the third level of the castle. i will post screenshots tomorrow
  14. A Piggeh room! Sooo special. :)
  15. lol