Room and Storage Room Available! (+bonus perks)

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  1. Switching between servers and need storage? Wanting a vacation home?

    Available now --> Res 7337, SMP 3

    - 16 double chests
    - Private Access

    - 120 sq blocks
    - Bedding, seating, and chests

    - Kitchen
    - Bathroom (+shower)
    - Living Room
    - Formal Dining
    - Office

    +Free Roller Coaster and Trampoline
    +Farming Area 35 sq blocks (additional 15r per 10 days)

    Only 40r every 10 days (excluding farming area)
    *Buy Now and get the first 5 days Free!

    (Tours of residence are available to be scheduled)

    ****Private Message MasterEAB If Interested****