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  1. I recently found out that it is possible to play gameboy games on a pc using a program called visual boy advance. I have downloaded a ROM and have extracted it and everything yet when i try to open it in the gameboy always says that i am missing a bios file. Could somewone please tell me how i can fix this or what a bios file is. Thanks.
  2. Can no wone help?
  3. First, what emulator are you using? I recommend using VisualBoyAdvance. Second, what game? Some games simply don't work with emulators, or you have to change settings to make them work. When in doubt, just use Google. Also, only play games you own ;).
  4. VisualBoyAdvance and i am trying to play pokemon white version
  5. Pokemon White is a DS game...
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  6. That's not possible. Try Pokemon Gold instead.

    You'll need a DS emulator to play White, silly!
  7. Yah, u need an emulator like Desumme for a ds game. If you want to use visual boy advance play emerald, ruby, saphhire, fire red, or leaf green.
  8. Why did you have to say that now i feel like i am the world's stupidest person for trying to play a ds game on a gameboy emulator
  9. Because you asked for help...
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  10. A winner is you!
  11. Sorry, I should have recommended a DS emulator in the same post. Honestly, I haven't even tried to play DS ROM's in a few years, so I'd just try what Sparer and albino have recommended. But I agree with Toaster's recommendation of the older games, if you've never played them.
  12. If you don't already own the game; this is illegal. I reccomend to not try it if you haven't already baught the game - I only own one to play a game I broke :p
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  13. I won't run emulators for any current systems.