[Role Play] Letter from the Servant

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  1. Dear members of the Empire,

    From the deepest depths of the void I have traveled. Through the End, many worlds I did see. I collected artifacts and meditated on the powers of Marlix. I witnessed horrors none have even dreamed of in nightmares on the Empire. One of those horrors followed me back to the over-world. Though I know not it's full intentions, it follows me. I write in hopes that all will hear. Doom is slowly approaching. The being follows me, and soon, it will destroy me. My master Marlix has fallen and I am left alone and helpless. The being shall most likely continue to the Empire itself...looking for prey. It will steadily make itself known to the Empire...targeting people one at a time to collect souls for its dragon master. It udders words that give you the chills and strike at your very soul.

    You have been chosen. The dragon shall be fed.

    The dragon hungers. I shall prey upon thee.

    The End has arrived.

    Those phrases are the last words you shall hear before your death shall take you. Marlix's power has failed me...shadows were no match for the powers of the infinite void. I shall make my final stand...I shall stall it for as long as I can. Once I fall...it will be up to you all to stop it. The End is near...and soon...the being shall arrive. I can only estimate that the being shall arrive once name-change comes to the Empire. Do not fail me as I have failed you.

    The Servant of Marlix
  2. I fine. I have an apocalypse bunker on my res.
  3. Quite the intriguing tale. I shall take heave to your words of gruesome destruction and prepare myself for this everlasting fight by The End has summoned upon us. I say we, as Empirians, should take arms together and fight this monstrous being the Servant of the Marlix tells us so!