[ROFL]The 1 word book

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Do you like pie?

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  1. I started putting all the words together from Stads' forum game and it's hilarous, I should make an in-game book or something; these are just the 4 first pages:

    They ate starfruit with bacon said Stads abruptly while vomiting ham and cheese your mom yelled sense none poor people
    likes bologna but chicken was punch fire like purple filth cows are grannies with GANGNAM STYLE!!! rules say everyone louder and higher!
    Kittens are cute, penguins suck said me everyone likes MINECRAFT chickens must HI! Bob said hayjam the bye tweety bird.
    Tweety is super! duper! butterflies look somewhat sunny when giant jumps this leap is making rabbits with BATMAN! coloured pyjamas.
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  2. Why aren't in it? Im sure I posted about me well before the first 4 pages....

    And nice idea!
  3. I don't know, I'm pretty sure I copied all the posts :D
  4. All of them sure?
  5. I want a copy of the book if possible! :)
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  6. The first 4 pages, I don't want to spoil :D
    Sure, when I can log in to the Empire and write it :)
  7. _Stads_ needs to see this :D