Rockstote Island, a Rpg ( WIP (Work in progress))

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  1. I've been working on a Rpg map. Its about time I give my project a name and throw it out to the community to test it. There is not quests yet because I'm working on a video system. If you want like to help me by offer our voice for a role or write a small quest for filler.

    Rockstote Island ver 1.0 Alpha:
    Download Here
    Texture pack ver 1.0:
    Download Here

  2. I've recently been losing inperaction for citys and like some help thinking for themes for citys. I am beging to gather skins for some character in the map if your a good skin maker and wish to help plz add you skin to planetminecraft ( I find it the best place for skins and other things) then post a reply with a link to your skin.
  3. What kind of skins do you want?
  4. I'd like to create skins for you if that's okay. Just tell us all ITT what you're looking for, or PM me details. This project of yours certainly interests me. :)
  5. Thanks, At the moment I've just been looking for villagers for Eleven, Dwarf, Medieval, Nordic and Steampunk cites as I have not decided on a look for some of character for the main or side quest.
  6. Looks very interesting indeed! Will be sure to give it a try sometime in the near future :)
  7. I think i have decided what i want two character to look like. One will be a young human mage what look similar to a sith lord and the thalmor. The second a squid like man who sells dyes and cloth so his garments will be very color full.
  8. I've have have seen that the other citys's may not be enough to cover the all of the world therefore Im going to start making Orc Hunter camps and Nomadic towns
  9. I have had little time to work on the map because of the recent patch and the disappearance of my little staff. If you would like to become one of my staff send me an PM/conversation here on
  10. Available jobs
    • Builder
    • Someone that know how to use Blender
    • Texture pack Artist similar to Dukocraft the saga continues.
    • Writer
    • Mob Mod maker