Rocket League || The Flat Tires

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  1. My friend and I have started Twitch streaming. I'd love if you guys wanted to check it out or tune in during a stream :)

  2. It doesn't work :confused:
  3. We're streaming now, had a little problem there. Try again?
  4. I'll have to manually do it then.
  5. What's the problem seem to be?
  6. It keeps on saying it doesn't work, the link.
    I go on twitch a search up beowulf000
  7. When you click the link it does nothing, I tried typing in the name in the search box but nothing came up.
  8. When you click the link in the post, it returns a page of "http://click here/"
  9. Hey! Who's voice are yah?
  10. doh.. fixed the link

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  11. Oh I am so gonna que up and kick your butt :D
  12. Doubt it :p
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  13. I may only be a semi-pro, but I manage lol
  14. Today's steam is over, thanks everyone that joined us today! I will bump the thread again when we stream again. :)
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