Roblox,Blockland, Minecraft

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  1. I have played all three, and I have to say that blockland was the most fun, roblox was the most active and minecraft just feels right, its like a mix of them all, and you cant get bored of it because you have a goal, and unlimited resources(besides for the fact that you have to go to like x:-50237 to find one diamond -_-) but I honestly played a server just like this, in blockland, and i think blockland is my fav, its server like this was the most fun ive ever had, but its down now, :/
  2. comment and paste your fav adventures on all three :D
  3. I've played all of them, too.

    ROBLOX was pitiful, as the community is full of children who think it is funny to rape people.
    Blockland was fun, but I didn't necessarily have the funds required to purchase it.
    Minecraft... Minecraft is self explanatory. In that it is the best game of them all, imo.
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  4. Well, no wonder, when you watch their promo video on the site XD
  5. i just watched the roblox video, i was about to kill my self during 0:01 to 0:30 (aka, the whole thing)
  6. Agreed I Didn't Play Blockland But It Looks Fun As In Like Not That Fun But Pointless Fun Cause I Am Not Really In Those Games.Roblox Is Kind Of Cool As In 50/60% Cool.MC Is The Most Epic Of All I Can't Hardly Wait Till 1.0.1 Comes Out!
  7. 1.0.1 is out, they just called it minecraft v1 lol
  8. What's wierd is that I actually played ROBLOX, and even bought BC once. Oh, how blind I was. There are about 12 good games out of thousands, and there are a handful of users who are actually worth the Bill of Rights, if you judge by their rediculous actions.

    Roblox is probably weaker than either Blockland or Minecraft, but I can't have a succinct opinion on Blockland. Haven't played it. MC is easily the best, hands down. But, returning to Roblox, I tried revitalizing that Spode-awful RP section, but...
  9. Blockland is bad, as a matter of fact, they don't even have enemies! No NPCs no nothing except vehicles and a few blocks. Forgive that I sound like I'm talking about Classic
    Roblox I play once in a while, just tycoons
    Minecraft every day, best game ever. I t got editor and readers choice in this months gameinformer, and the Creeper was #9 on top 10 enemies.
  10. Forget what I said about roblox, its bad. Like, Army Men bad. Look up the serires
  12. Sorry about army men, I meant to say Soldiers of Misfortune
  13. This is how most days went for me on Roblox.

    Go play a game. ZOMG U NUB LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Leave because my head hurts.
    Go to the forums, Sometimes spam, sometimes real talk
    Go check on a group
    Looks at a thread called NBC'ers suck, by Telamon. (Telamon, Tele-a-mon, a money hungry admin who cares about only those who pay) NBC'ERS LEAVEING MAKES US MONEY! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Log off, play minecraft.
  14. Holy cow, that's a perfect summary. Though, I usually just check the Role-Playing forums rather than much else, as I have some decent friends there. (Wonder what'd happen if someone opened a Role-playing section here. Hmm...) But almost the whole RP is like a poison, as in the troll express.

    And I finally tried Blockland. Really nothing all that special about it; at least in ROBLOX, you can use Lua to actually do something.
  15. Blocs d in my opinion if horrible no enemies, and everybody just cusses you out. Roblox is full of little kids, but it you mature people on, you can just kick them all. But that is a very rare situation. In all Minecraft is the best by FAR. There are some kids, but they we fairly mature, and nobody is just randomly cussing you out for random stuff like,"blocking there line of sight"
  16. nobody even commented on Bryce? try it while it's free!
  17. If you dig a bit on the Role Playing Forum, you might find me! :p I used to Role Play there before I sort of... yeah, stopped role-playing there.

    And yes, HK-47 is the best droid ever. I have to agree with your signature. He is very funny. And unlike that stupid utility droid that beeps every two seconds, he has a personality and a story.
  18. I got perm banned on Roblox for saying drugs... and I didn't even have to bypass the filter to say it...
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