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  1. Well recently I've been thinking about building a modpack. Hopefully I can have an SSP and SMP version for it. I only really have 1 thing that needs to be done. Which mods should be in it? :D
  2. Rei's minimap. Nuff said.
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  3. Ideally, its going to include a large amount of mods, the ones i currently plan on putting into it are:
    Rei's Minimap
    Not Enough Items
    Industrial Craft
    All mods needed for industrial craft and buildcraft to work together
    Equivelant Exchange 3 (when it comes out)
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  4. SSP
    Mo' Creatures
    Better Dungeons (need to check if this is updated)
    More Dungeons (same as above)
    The always optional millenaire
    Humans +
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  5. Add Inventory Tweaks, that help a lot to be organized :)
    And maybe you could include Dynamic Lights ;)
  6. Mo creatures isn't multiplayer and I think Inventory Tweaks, HD Skins and Auto Switch
  7. He placed mo' creatures at SSP not at SMP
  8. Inventory tweaks is going to happen, but dynamic lights hurts performance too much
    Inventory tweaks yes, HD skins yes,but i dont like the auto switch mod, just kind of changes the core of minecraft (we all remember accidentally mining tons of dirt with an efficiency 3 pick)
  9. Have you asked ALL the mod makers if you can make a mod pack?
  10. That is to be done, i havent even started putting anything together. But i will do this, i wont be that guy
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  11. Good :) Some mod makers will take it very seriously, and you could find yourself in deep trouble.
  12. Ahh I see now...
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  13. Well then will your modpack have the flexibility too add it in ourselves for just our own client?
  14. preferably the ability to add it in yourselves, i just want to make it easier for everyone to find another standard mod pack instead of painfully downloading all the mods in it
  15. Cool and yeah it does take a bit of time to install all of my mods, it's a good initiative ;)