River Run's +rr and +books on SMP6 have moved!

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  1. We have just moved our shops to new beautiful Shop Res' close to /town, numbers 12018 and 12030. You can still get to them with the old tags, +rr and +books.

    Come take a look at our splendid new shops.

    What changes did we make?

    Well +RR now has a TP station. since it is now located in a forest and hidden within its glorious trees, not all feel the need to walk its length. So a tp station has been added for the ones that don't like lengthy walks.

    All of the new blocks are in. Bones can still be bought by the SC but now also arrows . Iron and gold swords and armor can be found there with randomly enchanted versions plus plain unenchanted.

    Of course the God Gear is still available. But now in Diamond AND Chain mail. All protection versions of armor, 4 different sword types and the flame I and II bows. We also have max enchant Shears, Picks, Axes and Shovels.

    +Books has gone thru some nice changes too. Instead of the little town, they are now in the Crown of a great tree. You arrive outside the tree, walk inside and into the light to be lifted to the crown of the tree. Here the merchants have set up their wares so you can browse at your own leisure.

    Each of the rooms is dedicated to an item type, armor, bows tools etc. Of course the Unbroken Bar returns. All shops have all levels of Enchantments, so you can up an existing one, buy it at low level and make it higher with time, or just buy it straight at the highest enchant.

    Come take a look and stroll though our Gardens. Come Visit us at +rr and +books on smp6!

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  2. I'll be sure to check this out later! Woo.. first I have to participate in a chemistry exam cx
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  3. Wahoo I use your shop all the time :3
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  4. Wow, it looks great!
  5. thank you :D
  6. I've been told I need to find all of the signs by a certain Melon :p But the new stores are incredibly beautiful :3
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  7. I am just going to plesantly pump this for pretty views
  8. I hope you mean bump, pleasant pumping sounds... Uh... Like a euphemism for something :p
  9. Oh dear. Thank you mobile phone for this wonderfull autocorrect