River of Lava

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  1. i was out in the wild exploring on smp1 when i came across something i had never really seen before, a river of lava:

    ive never seen that much lava at the bottom of a ravine before, have you?
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  2. I have :D Ravines are almost guaranteed to have lava and water in them :)
  3. yeah, but that is solid lava, 4 deep in some places(had a fire pot with me) and its all source blocks, not just flowing lava
  4. Yep ;P
  5. I have almost only seen ravines with lava lakes xD
  6. I have seen one of that :D
    And I pour water all over and dig all the obsidian XD
    That was before the reset.
  7. If there's an empty space below a certain level (I think it's y=12) then it gets filled with lava. So if the ravine goes beneath y=12 then it'll have lava at the bottom of it, and that's also why caves always seem to be filled with lava below a certain level. I'm about 90% sure what I've just said is true :p
  8. I see a mineshaft, go for it first.
  9. i did, came back with half a stack of diamonds and 8 stacks of iron
  10. YOU, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? No, really, when ever I go into a mine-shaft, I find around 10 diamonds, including the chests.
  11. that one mine shaft was like 5 levels of inter connected mine shafts, it was the mineshaft equivalent of a stronghold XD
  12. Lets go into the wild together?
  13. nah lol, im done mining for a while i got enough resources to last me about 3 weeks XD
  14. Lets share a diamond chest? We can trade dirt for diamonds I give dirt you give diamonds?
  15. Most people aren't morons.
  16. I know but humans are :p
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