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  1. 1k to the person that cracks this question,

    What number can u half to make zero?
  2. Zero.
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  3. eight 8
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  4. i would say .04 when you half it you get .02 and if you round you will get zero
  5. Yea, im pretty sure I started a giveaway chain reaction. So far two people other then me have made threads giving away stuff. :rolleyes:
  6. Darn you googled it faster then me. :(
  7. no google needed, this ones easy
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  8. u win :p
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  9. Why thankyou good sir!
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  10. +2 for glasi13
  11. One half.
  12. 8 becuse you can take the top half and leave 0
  13. this was to easy for 1k if you ask me.
  14. I'm rich :p its like 100 r to me
  15. in that case i will happily take 10,000 lol
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  16. =( i knew the answer but just read this thread now, but congrats anyway!