Riddle/Joke of the Week: 100r

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  1. Riddle of the week:

    Riddle A 100r): What do you think of austin powers?
    Riddle B 50r): Can a Match Box?
    Riddle C 5 Emeralds): If icecreamcow goes to the beach on a hot day, does he still produce ice cream when milked?

    You may choose one.
  2. Riddle B: Can a Match Box: No because it has no arms. :p
  3. Riddle C: Icecreamcow never gives ice cream when milked.
  4. No, sorry.
  5. He does.
  6. Riddle B: Because the match holds the boxing game.
  7. No right answers yet :(
  8. Ugh! Riddle b is easish, but hard at the same time! :confused:
  9. BTW, go ravens (noticed the signature).
  10. Riddle C: Yes
  11. Wait! I think I got it for riddle b!

    Yes! Because the match is the boxing match! So that would make it be able to box. Maybe...
  12. C no because icc is a human
  13. riddle b: Can a match box. No, but a tin can
  14. Hint, the answer is no but not because he can't.
  15. CORRECT!!! You WIn 50r!
  16. Ahhhh so close
  17. C: No, because he's being milked, not "ice-creamed"
  18. YAY! :)
  19. when do i get the r
  20. Soon

    You will receive the money from IceCreamHorse.