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  1. Could we get a peek at the richest players on EMC? Just for my own curiosity? Maybe top 10? Doesnt need to be anything fancy and auto updating - I just wanna know where I stand :D
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  2. Hey d1223m, just wondering if I could work for you for some rupees..btw I'm OBVIESLEY the top tem I got a WHOLE ONEHUNDRED RUPEES
  3. This is really not what the thread is about :p
    You should of PM'd me - and anyway, no I dont need any work doing. You can sell stuff to my shop if you need rupees.
  4. Just wondering how much rupees do you have?
  5. I'm pretty sure about Dark_Liz being #1 richest player on EMC. No idea about #2-10
  6. So I heard...
  7. Wasn't this feature removed from the servers? I think the guys wanted to implement another form of "league table" rather than just who is the richest.
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  8. i have 50k now :D
  9. I believe it was - but still im interested.

    I guess if people know how much cash youve got then people will be bugging you all the time for freebies..
  10. Haha,so true
  11. Inhli, Wow your a 'new player' and you've already got 50k I've played for a couple of months and the most I got was 2k! How do you make all the money?
  12. Ingli is suuuuper active at restocking his shop! Whenever I go online, he's already there... When I go off again, he's still there xD
    If I need something fast and asking in chat about it, most of the time Inglipurr answers with his price and the quantity he has to offer :)
  13. My shop got popular when I was just starting in EMC(Smp4). Cobble, sand and iron made me rich :D lol
  14. Haha..............**beau1999 just wishes she could have some"lol
  15. I always give 100r to people that asks more money :D
  16. REALLY, can I work for rupee ingli
  17. lol me too
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  18. ... this thread.. seems a little hijack3d XD.
  19. Alittle? lol well i guess its still on the topic to somewhat! i guess we can label them forum Hijackers ^_^
  20. If we keep talking about hijacking we're not doing any better... :D