Rhino's Enchant service!

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  1. Hey guys Rhino here and today I bring you a brand new service. Enchantments by Runningrhino.
    In this service I can enchant any Item you would like me to at Level 30! I will also be doing custom anything orders.

    Level 30 enchantments: 1250r (Subject to change)
    Custom orders: Depends on item and wanted enchants. Diamond armor will cost more as diamonds are more expensive and books are very expensive.

    You may pick you items up at 3999 smp2. There is no charge for pickup but I can and will deliver for an extra 100r.

    Bulk orders: Bulk orders will receive a discount depending on the item. Bows will be the best discount while diamond chestplates will not receive much of a discount because of the price of them.

    One last thing: I DO NOT provide the items for the lvl 30 enchant service You may contact me through pm on forums or in game with your request. I will then set up an access chest for you at 3999 and I will continue from there.
  2. Wouldn't a 20 rupee transport cost make more sense? Ten rupees to vault each way?
  3. Diamond armor and books dont take more effort to enchant?
  4. Jacob, I try to make a profit and some people just dont have time to pick stuff up.
  5. Im talking about the cost of Diamonds for bulk or custom orders.
  6. Hmm, not that i am ordering, but how much would Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Silk 1 Pick be?
  7. Hmmm. about 3 to 4k maybe less maybe more
  8. I will keep it in mind :) i need a supplier for a few of those picks. (not now, i need exact price b4 deciding)