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  1. :Ddear forums pop68 again

    I was thinking that many people put there mc life works on emc into shops I think you should start giving some people awards for best shop of the week or something for example I want to start a thread of shops called Christine_pop68's banner shop I want to make amazing banners like no others but its limited because u cant do may things with banners but enough with me there are many shops that need awards that are trying very hard and sometimes I see that they get no business but there place is amazing! so I think u guys rlly need to give awards to them it seems stupid but I think u should try it

    from: Christine_pop68
  2. We have in the past had one of our current mods AlexChance host the EMC Crafta awards which did focus on things like this, as chosen by the community. That might make a come back in the future.
  3. Do it Alex!
  4. thx cuz this would boost up some people confidence
  5. This would be something player run, not something that staff does... Unless it was one of the monthly competitions.
  6. Wouldnt a good shops reward be all the people who use it? Ive never seen a well designed and mostly stocked get no business.
  7. Yeah, it's usually the worst shops or at least the "not the best" shops who actually need the money. ;)