REWARD - LF a redstone expert.

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  1. Offering a substantial reward for anyone who can make a tree harvesting machine work. The machine is made, but not working. All supplies will be available for you. I have a video and schematic for your use.

    Offering 10k if the fix is easy. More if things get more complicated. PST on smp4.
  2. bumpbump still needs fixed
  3. What!? Is this what we were looking at last night or something new?
  4. something new lol come to mikes - same location, new monster
  5. I think I might be able to help. I've made one of these on smp1.
  6. Youtube Guide
  7. Melody melody melody, you cant do anything with redstone can you?
  8. Nfell has been defeated by the machine.
    Need a new expert. Reward raised to 20k.
  9. I'll take a look
  10. meet me at smp4 lot 8964
  11. I have made like 5 of these ill drop by later today and check it out.
  12. Go to Kadboy's residence, Melody. We did that one there. There were two problems with it. There was a redstone flip-flop that was working in SP but not on EMC that I replaced with a piston version. The other problem was that the thing periodically spit out gravel, I think because of the timing of the elevator.

    We spent quite a bit of time messing with it then finally gave up. EmpireShop has one on smp1. He showed it to me once before we did Kad's so I never asked him how he worked around those problems (or if he did). When we were looking at it, he did at one point add some gravel to the elevator so he may have had the same problem as Kad and I did.
  13. melody, I'd just check that it's still not working now. A senior staff member left redstone disabled on SMP1 earlier by accident, so there's a chance that the same's happening with you. :)
  14. Well my res probably wouldn't be a good example. I reset it, remember? :3
  15. 333Kirby has been defeated! There must be someone who can make it work!?
  16. Actually, no. Or I at least didn't associate it with the loss of all that work.

    I can't play for a while more. Do you remember enough about the part we replaced to help? It was that thing I spliced in. I used white wool as I recall to set it off from the rest.

    If I had known Melody was thinking of doing this machine I would have tried to warn her away from it because of what we went through getting in to work even as well as yours did.
  17. Melody, didn't you say that the problem was timing with the gravel? I think I may have a solution...
  18. I made one on smp9