Revival of the Endermen Farm Discussion

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  1. The old thread about Byforeverthe2nd's endermen farm on SMP5 endet in May 2014. Since I believe that this farm is very important for the community in various respects, I want to revive the discussion and point the community to some issues which bother me.

    First, this farm is one of the most efficient XP generators I know on EMC and on most other servers I have been playing on.

    Second, it is a very impressive construction, showing Byforever's design and building genius, and might very well become a MCH (Minecraft Cultural Heritage) some time :).

    Third, it gives a lot of insight about the maturity and integrity of the EMC community.

    So enough reasons to become upset when one finds a lot of mess connected with this facility. It starts with the way from spawn to the nether portal. 3 days ago, I found it in a really bad shape with torn out bricks and ugly side constructions and open to Ghasts and Hounds (I fixed it as best I could). Then the path from the ender gate to the elevator towers also looks ruffled a bit more whenever I come. Is this design, or is someone taking stones away now and then?

    The worst is that someone opened holes in the construction. I found some in the long tunnel leading to the farm; they were closed with red wool. Some more on the 2nd level of the left endervator (when coming from the farm), looking like inspection hatches to get to the redstone mechanics. The left side of the endervator did not work (I told staff of it and hope they found out what was going on).

    Then there is that mess with all those private double chests overcrowding the central room. Yesterday I stumbled over a chest glued directly to the endermen platform. THAT'S NOT VERY CONSIDERATE!
    I wonder what all these people have to store permanently down there? I also have a chest there together with Meadmaker and Justin_72, and I found out that I have no use for it. An ender chest is enough storage, and food is also there for free.
    Everything would look much neater if everyone would use small chests. However, if someone enlightens me and explains why big chests are needed, I'm ready to learn. Then we have to ask Byforever to expand the space down there to fit more chests (there are still a couple thousend players who might want to put one up :().

    Grauhaar72 (member of Group72, builders of City72)
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  2. The popularity and disaster at the enderman farm had been completely unexpected for me when I originally built it. But, I have learned from this issue and made a private storage at my slime farm.

    Sometime, I'm want to offer new farms across EMC's other SMP servers. That way, everyone isn't directed to one farm. The only problem is EMC updating for 1.8 is unpredictable at the moment; if I started building at this time the update could come unexpectedly for me and Forever Company.

    Oh! There's something I can do right now: stockpiling on resources for the farms!:) I'll be accepting donations towards them which you'll be able to do at my residence, 10087 on SMP5.
  3. I'm not sure whether it's nether hounds exploding, or lazy people deciding this is an easy source of stone. I'm actually the one who improved the pathway by enclosing it and the gate with stone to protect it from ghasts, etc. It wasn't too long that I found chunks missing and I've had to do repairs several times. I actually didn't expect it to remain unscathed, but I was tired of traversing the hole-ridden netherrack.
  4. Nice to hear from you again, Meadmaker. Hope your Internet troubles are sorted out.

    So it takes the 2 of us to keep the pathway to the nether portal walkable. Still, we loose. Yesterday I looked and found half the side wall nicely taken away. Looks like your lazy-people-theory fits.