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  1. Hey guys,

    In honor of Hot Rods on smp8 releasing on June 11th at 3 PM EMC Time, I am going to go to Hot Rods early to do an in depth review of the grinder for 1.9 Blaze Rods, which are a necessity for brewing now. I hear it is highly efficient but needed a few changes to adjust to 1.9. I will be the judge of that, so here is my in-depth review of Hot Rods

    Before we begin:
    The creator of this grinder is Khixan, a mother that loves to play Minecraft, especially Empire Minecraft, and makes sure everyone benefits from what she makes with the smp8 crew. Overall, everyday nice person.

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    At a glance:
    The portal to Hot Rods is at Sushi Drop, a guardian farm made yet again by the talented khixan and smp8 crew. Along with the Hot Rods portal, it is accompanied with a skeleton farm. The portal does not yet have any decorations. Entering the portal into hell, I see the lovely blend of Prismarine, Sandstone, and Netherbrick. Now time to ride the rail. One very annoying thing about the railway is the nether brick slabs slapping my face. But I understand why they are there, to prevent pigman spawns. Now entering Hot Rods, it changed from cooling to flaming hot! A blend of red, orange, and yellow stained clay make for a fiery entryway! And the combinations of deadbushes, plants and cacti, along with the concealed fire make my impression of this 4 spawner blaze grinder even better. Also the clash of fire and ice themes make for a nice touch.

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    Extras in the facility:
    One room to my right had brewing, and portal leading to the overworld for beds and other farms. Those other farms are just basic farms for beetroot, wheat, potatoes, and carrots. Also netherwart. Even an infinite water source. Not to mention the design of this makes me feel like i'm on hoth.

    There is also a room for enchanting and storage. Storage rooms are just chests with signs, but the enchanting room is something else. Including out in the nether, outside of the enchanting room window is a GIANT BLAZE STATUE! That is enough to win me over.

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    Testing out the efficiency:
    This farm is a quadruple blaze spawner, though they are not connected, rather separated. 1-2 spawners are in the fire theme while 3 and 4 are in the ice theme. Now for test results of a controlled experiment, 5 minutes at each spawner.

    Spawner 1 -54 Blaze Rods in 5 Minutes - 10.8 per minute
    Spawner 2 - 56 Blaze Rods in 5 Minutes - 11.2 per minute
    Spawner 3- 67 Blaze Rods in 5 Minutes - 13.4 per minute
    Spawner 4- 77 Blaze Rods in 5 Minutes - 15.4 per minute

    Of course, there were variables. Time of day, kind of person, how long it was, rate of drops, frequency of spawning, GAH! SO MANY VARIABLES! ~Ratman

    It will be safe to assume that you can expect to get around 30-90 blaze rods every 5 minutes or less, or more.

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    Safety Functions of the mechanisms:
    Once upon a time, Pigmentus opened. Someone afked there for SO LONG, it crashed out smp8. The end.

    afking at a high spawning area is a bad idea, especially filling it up with mobs of one or many kinds. Now Pigmentus, the 3 grinders, and this, Hot Rods, have afk mechanics to prevent it. At Hot Rods, you must be afk for 8 minutes or less. When afk for more than 8 minutes, the blazes are auto-killed, and no drops are rewarded.

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    My outlook on this farm:

    Here's what I thought:
    Oh god, this is gonna be a bust if it doesn't look good.

    Find out Hot Rods is better than smp8 itself:

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