[Review] Bioshock Infinite "No Spoiler"

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  1. When you hear Bioshock you think of that first Bioshock you first played back in 2007 that through-out the game put you on the edge of your seat. Bioshock Infinite is everything but a Survival Horror game. With that being said the game starts you out as Booker DeWitt that has been hired to find a girl named Elizabeth to repay his supposed Debt. When he is dropped off at a Lighthouse "Like the one from Rapture" you don't go down, however Up to the Floating city of Columbia. Don't get me wrong the Story was Outstanding and kept me on the edge of my seat, but it was more of a Fast-Passed Action Shooter and not the Horror Survival as in the others.

    Bioshock Infinites Graphics are 'effin Beautiful, the art being different in each room you walk in to. I just stopped playing at a few of the statues throughout the game and stare at it for 15 minutes just to grasp the image they were trying to put out to us the gamers. Lighting could have been better, there are Projectors that will not cast a shadow but the lighting is fixed on you just not on the Projection Screen. I won't count off about that though, I could see why they did that; Projectors put out story lines in the game.

    The sound on the game is the sound in a game. I don't like reviewing about sound, Guns sound like Guns, Birds and whistles sound like Birds and Whistles. As Voice Casting goes, I can say they did an outstanding job, the actors/actress' made it feel like their characters where real.

    The Down part of the game, Replay Value; being for 59.99 at GameStop or Whoever you buy it from is up to you. Amazing Story it maybe worth 60 in god we trusts. Replay Value is Low for the fact I beat it in 10 hours and got 58% of the trophies. You can play the second Play through for the rest and I promise you may get 100% if you don't miss the Collectibles on the second play through on 1999 mode.

    My Overall Score is 8/10

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