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  1. ITEM: Pot O Gold St Patrick's Day Promo
    STARTING BID: 19,000R
    AUCTION ENDS: 3 days after last VALID bid.
    DELIVER TO: Res 6077 by a week of the auction end.

    DISCLAIMER: If you do not contact me within a week, you WILL NOT receive payment, and I WILL open another auction, and unless you bid again, you will not be held accountable, but if I pay you and you do not deliver I will take legal action.

    No with all the legalities out of the way lets get to it!
  2. 18.5k next Tuesday is when I can get the pot of gold to you if I win (which won't happen)
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  4. oops I mean 18.4k
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  5. 18.2k
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  6. 18000r

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  7. Note that you have to have the items at the time of the bid.
    • Do not bid on items that you cannot supply at the time of bidding. This includes having active bids open on other reverse auctions that would bring your total number of items involved below what is necessary on another reverse auction.
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  8. bump plzzz

  9. 17000r

    I'm going to win this. DON'T MESS WITH MY RAINBOWS
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  11. Bumparoonee
  12. Bump -_-
  13. He might mean he can't get online to deliver, he might have the pot of gold, but not be able to deliver it.

    16,900 Rupees
  14. How dare you mess with the rainbows! 16,800r

  15. 16k, I have a lot if you want more than one.
  16. No, I will win. 15k!
  17. Bump Peepzz
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