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  1. A reverse auction works by starting at a high price and players bid lower and lower until no one goes lower.

    Starting price: 125k
    Minimum Bid Decrement: -200r
    End Time: 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid

    So if I start bidding at 125k I could then bid and amount larger then 200 LOWER. So my next bid would be 124,800r (124.8k)

    Happy Bidding!
  2. I don't really understand, but I'll buy an Ore Buster for 0r? Wouldn't everyone just keep bidding lower and lower until 0 rupees?
  3. So, I bid zero rupees...
  4. I just realized I missed a major part of the description.... This is for me to end up getting the ore buster for as cheap as possible.
  5. A reverse auction means that he's buying the ore buster and you're bidding on how much you want to sell the item to him for.
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  6. HAHAHAH LOL i was quite obviously misinformed. well.... this is awkward
  7. i was wondering why the hell someone would do this... i now have my answer xD
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  8. No that is my fault. I forgot to say what I mean by reverse auction. Sorry for any confusion.
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  9. Okay, I get it now xD.
    Please don't pay any attention to my bid :D.
  10. Sorry :(
  11. its perfectly fine. i recommend reporting the OP to fix it and get all of these posts deleted.
  12. How is it suppose to work?
  13. You bid lower then the last person. Whoever has the lowest bid when the auction finishes give me their orebuster and I pay them the amount they bid.
  14. people wanting to sell an orebuster will make offers here, starting at 125k. the minimum increment for the next offer is 200r. 48 hours after the lowest bid, Sir_Reginald_ will buy that persons ore buster for the amount they bid.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.