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  1. Item: DC of OAK LOGS
    Starting Price: 7.5K
    Ending Time: 1 Hour After Last Valid Bid
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  2. Looks like we have a winner. I have payed you :D
  3. Not able to pick it up tonight, need to go to sleep (very long day today), Ill pick it up tomorrow :D
  4. Your items are ready, but your name is too long for an access sign. I can deliver them anytime, or if you have another idea, im all for it.

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  5. Cut out the 6, it works. I'll be able to pick them up in roughly 2 hours...
  6. in that case, its set up and ready to go at 6619. I should still be on so let me know if there are any probs.
  7. thanks! i picked it up
  8. Pleasure doing business :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.