Reverse Auction Dark Oak Wood 5 dcs

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  1. Item: Dark Oak Logs
    Amount 5 dcs
    Starting bid 50k
    Min bid decrease 100r
    Auction end time 24 hours after last valid bid
  2. 50k (I need something to do this weekend)
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  3. you have won this reverse auction !! Payment will be made when product is ready ( 48 hours ish ? )
  4. May be a bit longer as I only have one DC ready at this point. But I will do my best! :D
  5. Just a note on the rules for future reference:
    Do not bid on items that you cannot supply at the time of bidding. This includes having active bids open on other reverse auctions that would bring your total number of items involved below what is necessary on another reverse auction.

    You must have the items in possession before you can bid. There is no auctioning of services...e.g. bidding on the future work of mining/farming.

    Please keep this in mind on future auctions because it can make things unfair for those who followed the rule. For example, if I had done the work up front and you were bidding against me I would be compelled to fight for lower bids, while you could walk away anytime without consequence.

    Don't think it matters much here because it's such a low price already, so just for future reference please. :)
  6. I was thinking if I could gather it in a timely (which it will be) or agreed upon price it was allowed?
  7. EDIT: Time not price
  8. Yeah, that's why I posted. It's a common misunderstanding (and again I don't think it's a big deal on this one.)

    But that said...had I been bidding against you and you undercut my bids with material (or rupees) you didn't have, guarantee it would be reported ;)

    Just like with regular auctions, a player can't sell something they don't have, and they can't put up rupees they don't have. It's unfair to those that honor the rules and obtain the material/rupees in advance.
  9. Ohhhh I getcha, the way you said it at first was just off to me. And I don't usually gather large amounts of materials anyway sooooo.
  10. Since I forgot to add this: DMF, if you wish I can have the items ready in 24-72 hours at the latest. If this does not satisfy you, I can contact Staff on your behalf so appropriate action can be taken.
  11. I am fully aware of the rules. I am also allowing him to get me the items within 72 hours. I do not need you to post all over my thread, if you believe something is wrong report it and let a mod handle it.
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  12. Sure, you can allow it now that the auction is complete. Nothing wrong with posting about the auction rules on an auction thread as far as I'm aware. I'd say the same to you, if you feel that rule clarification is in error please report it to someone who is a moderator.
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