[reverse auction] 5 Enchanted Shovels (Enchants Listed)

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  1. Item: 5 Enchanted Diamond Shovels with- Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
    Starting Bid: 15,000r
    Minimal Bid Decrease: 100r
    Ends: 24 Hours after last valid bid
    Delivery Time: Within 48 hours after I pay
    Delivery Location: Please Deliver to res 3161 smp2.

    Thanks! :)
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  2. This is a very specific item lol..
  3. 14900
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  4. Bump, 5 hrs left.
  5. Bump, jesse wins in about 11 minutes
  6. Sweet I won. I have all 5 now . One does have silk touch. is that going to be a problem.
  7. Yes, I would like all 5 to have the enchants listed only. You DO have 48 hours as per the OP. I have paid.
  8. Thank you. Will have them done soon.
  9. delivered
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.