[REVERSE AUCTION] 3 DC of Player's head

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    [REVERSE AUCTION] 3 DC of Player's Head (no mob heads please)

    Item: 3 Double Chest of Player's Head (162 heads)
    Starting Bid: 21,000r
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 200r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid

    I don't mind having duplicates but hopefully not.
    please do not put more than 10 same head in the chest.

    if you have any question, please let me know
    also if you have more/less heads I can buy, please PM me as well.


  2. Are there any specific heads?
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  3. Nope, there is no specific head I need. (if you have famous one's head, it would be great! XD)
    I'm sorry if I get wrong, but this is reverse auction so if you enter a bid, that means you have to give me 3 DC of heads and I will pay the final bid amount. Just making sure. ;)
  4. Bump! too many to ask? should I bring this down to DC??
  5. 1 DC of heads would be much easier, would it still start at 21k?
  6. I need bring it down to 7000r-8000r if I do DC of heads. I know some people holding way more than 3 DC of heads that's why I decided to go with 3DC but I may need reconsider this auction
  7. ill do 8000r for a dc of heads
  8. I'll close this thread and make another thread for DC of heads then! thank you for the reply!
  9. Sorry, but you can't simply ask for a random selection of player heads, as per the rules, so although I am going to close this thread as requested, please don't start a new one that still goes against this rule; thanks. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.