[Reverse Auction] 2 DC melons

Discussion in 'Reverse Auction Archive' started by FrozenForger, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Item: 2 DC of melon slices
    Starting bid: 10k
    Minimum bid decrease: 200
    Auction ends: 36 hours after last VALID bid

    Upon auction end: Melons must be delivered within 48hrs of the winning bid.
  2. Just want to verify. Reverse means you want to buy. And starting bid 10k means that is the most you will pay and it goes down from there. I will sell the item requested for 10k.
  3. Yup, exactly.

    However... 1r :D
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  4. Well, this was an exercise in futility.
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  5. Wait... What does that mean? Does this mean the auction ends now since 1r is theoretically the lowest starting bid? :eek:
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  6. Yup, you get 2 DCs for 1r. This is apparently your lucky day. It appears ThaKloned is buried in melon slices. And we are both smp5 boys too. For shame.
  7. Minimum bid decrease is 200, so it will be invalid to bid 1r, hence the dilemma.
  8. That's true. I bid -2. How bout them Steelers ThaKloned?
  9. That's true. I should read before posting :p So the bid of 1r is technically invalid. And zero is not a valid bid either. A reverse auction (or normal one, for that matter) is a transaction, so there must be an exchange of product -and- rupee(s). So the lowest valid bid here would be 200r.

    Current bid leader:
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  10. As it is said, so shall it be.
  11. Slightly confused here because the minimum bid decrease is 200r, and not the minimum winning bid. Care to clarify?
  12. True, that is the minimum bid decrease. Meaning I can't decrease the bid by 100r. The decrease has to be 200 or more. So, the 1r bid would be valid. Keep in mind the purpose of the reverse auction. To buy something at the lowest prices possible.
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  13. My bid of -1 would not be valid as the first valid new bid would have to be -198 or a larger decrease.
  14. Whoops, I mean -199.
  15. I can bid any amount as long as the initial bid of 10k was placed, which it was. The minimum I can decrease the bid is 200r. I decreased it by 9,999r. As per the rules, there is no maximum decrease so 1r should be valid.
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  16. Sooo.... can I also get paid to take DC's of melons?
  17. Well, i have paid you 1r since i assume no bids are valid anymore after 1r... Lol. Thanks so much :)

    You may put the melons into melon blocks and deliver them to SMP3 /v 7121 :p
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  18. Dropped off :)
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  19. Okay, the Crow had a major brain fart. 1r is valid. The winner of this reverse auction is ThaKloned.

    Since bids of 0r and negative integers are invalid, there are no remaining possible bids. This Auction is closed, lol.
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