[REVERSE AUCTION] 137 Speed Horse + 9 any speed Horses

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  1. Thread Title: [REVERSE AUCTION] 137 speed Horse and 9 other any speed horses

    Item: One horse with speed of 137 or higher, any color, any jump, any HP;
    9 other any speed, jump, hp, color horses

    Starting Bid: 1 million rupees

    Minimum Bid Decrease: none

    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid

    Expected Delivery Time: 48 hours after auction concluded.

    This is a reverse auction, meaning I am looking to BUY these horses from someone.

    I will put an access chest on my smp5 residence as needed.

    Feel free to pm me on the forum if you have questions or want to make a private sale.
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  2. I have your head at my res xD.
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  3. Please stay on topic. This is a reverse auction, not a discussion.
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  4. Ok.
  5. are you sure there is a 137 speed horse?
  6. Ohyes
    It is very, very, very rare but it can be done.
  7. The top speed for horses on EMC is 139, which is very, very rare. :)
  8. Just saying its worth more than 1 mil, a horse with 135 speed is 1mil
  9. Thanks for the feedback...what do you think is a fair price then? 1.5 million?
  10. Hmm maybe like 1.2mi, just have to think thats a very very rare horse.
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  11. You find those in the wild or something? sry for being out of the topic but I dont get it, I never had a chance to get my baby horse to get higher speed than there parents so I'm confused.
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  12. You can find them in the wild or breed them. Horses, when bred, take the average of the parent's stats as well as a third, random stat.
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  13. And that 3rd random stat as been mean to me ever since I bread horses then. Thx for the info.
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