[Reverse Auction] 10DC of Hard Clay (CLOSED)

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  1. What: 10 DC of hard clay
    Where: Delivery to SMP 9 or Pickup
    When: order to be ready for pickup or delivery 96hrs (4 days) after payment
    Auction: 24 hours after lowest valid bid
    Starting bid: 130,000r
    Min bid decrease: 500r

    Payment to winner will be made asap upon auction end.

    Seacrest, out.
  2. 130k
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  3. I'd bid on this, but as per auction rules I'd have to get the clay first. And not winning the auction would result in a lot of random clay hanging around. (Wouldn't be the worst, but not super desirable use of 2 or so hours.)
  4. 96hrs (4 days) delivery lead time

  5. Thak won!

    Ill send over your money shortly, thanks!
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  6. Oh good. Just incase I gathered 37 DCs total :) (Was a slow work day :D)
  7. BTW I can deliver them when I get home. Just tell me where to drop em :)
  8. Holy! If you can please hang onto the order for about 1 day I'll be able to get online tomorrow and set up a spot. Payment sent earlier.

  9. No problem :)
  10. I can confirm that payment has been sent and I have received the report that items have been delivered. Closing auction now.

    Please PM me if there are any issues :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.