[REVERSE AUCTION] 1 Mending Enchanted Book

Discussion in 'Reverse Auction Archive' started by Dim5678, May 15, 2016.

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  1. Item: 1Mending enchanted book
    Starting bid: 20,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 10 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 96 hours after the last valid bid
    Expected Delivery Time: 7 days after auction concluded.

    I checked the rules, it is ok to host this type of auction. Bid now, 4 days later auction ends, giving you at min 4 days and at most 11 days to obtain the item.
  2. Did it update?
  3. I pretty sure you need the item to auction
  4. Ahem pardon my iPad
    I cant edit
    This is an reverse auction
  5. Yep, bid now, get item latter, not gonna be longer than a week
    This is the first rule listed for bidders. I'm not sure that you can host this auction, but I'd at least suggest you get staff confirmation.
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  6. As the update isn't released yet, this auction is not valid.
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Thread Status:
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