Revamped token trading system

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  1. When token was introduced, its uses is avalauncher and biomechange
    But this system will expand the uses of token, make it more valuable (as its not tradeable like rupee)

    Token shops (can be accessable by /tshop) have following item:
    64 iron = 520 token
    64 gold = 1000 token
    64 diamond = 2500 token
    64 netherite = 5000 token

    so far thats what i think (posible)
  2. yes please, I will take my 200 stacks of netherite please :)
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  3. I agree that tokens should have some expanded use, but being able to buy vanilla resources with them would be detrimental to the economy in my opinion.

    And as Spyro has pointed out, those of use that have been around a long time/farm EMC mobs would be able to purchase quantities of netherite capable of decimating the value of it, unless it was much, much more expensive.

    Although this does give me an idea, that maybe some sort of token shop for resources could be helpful for new players and be an incentive to earn tokens. But I'm not really sure how that could be implemented.
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  4. The suggestion is to trade the resources for more tokens, right? 😂
  5. so, its like
    64 iron = 520 token
    64 gold = 2500 token
    64 diamond = 8000 token
    64 netherite = 32000 token
    this? or more?
    i tried to balance those ppl who did not play for too long have huge tokens still able to play

    Also i would add more buyable in token shop, such as wood, prismare shard,etc...
  6. I think just being able to buy 64 Netherite ingots is still too overpowered. At +ne on utopia it is buying them for 3k other shops buy it for more ive seen up to 4k ones so the range of rupees you could generate from buying this with tokens is 192,000 - 256,000 rupees. Being able to buy netherite with tokens that have been useless for years which people have accumulated thousands of over the years would crash the economy and inflate rupees more than they already are. But I think we need to find a use for them. Just my opinion :)
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  7. Small correction; the prices of items of has deflated, not inflated. The price of goods has gotten cheaper due to an overabundance of supply and a lack of demand. This has been reinforced by people trying to make money by offering huge quantities of items at ridiculously low prices in an attempt to create demand where it wouldn’t exist otherwise. Let’s be honest, at EMC’s current size, do we really need people auctioning 25 dcs of iron blocks? Full disclosure, I’m also guilty of doing this. I just think it’s interesting to see what’s happening to the economy.

    Tl;dr: You’re right that it’s a bad idea but for a slightly wrong reason
  8. If tokens are to be used for purchasing anything at all then the quantity given for killing mobs would have to be greatly decreased. I don't know if any mob farms generate tokens but I do know enraged do and when I spent time in a big dig pit killing enarged mobs I was able to accumulate thousands of tokens. It doesn't seem right to me to turn killing mobs into a form of currency for regular items. I have close to 900k of them so I'm not talking about it being unfair to me.

    Maybe if tokens could be used to temporarily increase abilities, such as those provided by beacons, on the fly then they would have a use that could easily be obtained by any player setting up beacons, to make it a balanced ability.
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  9. I think the best use of tokens would be in uses that can't be then "sold" for any profit, things like purchasing SS services, such as res clearance, maybe the changing of town paths, exporting villagers inbetween reses, even purchasing vault pages and stable pages using /expand and being able to purchase with both rupees and tokens, I think it would make tokens more valuable to people, without ruining any economy of items
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  10. I disagree with the idea of buying Vanilla items with Tokens but I do think it is an aspect of EMC which could be improved. I think the original intention of Tokens was to encourage play and to provide for a way to access EMC's special features distinct from the Rupee system. I think we should look for more ways to earn and spend Tokens while keeping them separate from Rupees.

    One exception we might want to make might be for selling items for Tokens. Although there are plenty of players who buy items for resale, allowing us to sell items for Tokens would add a sink to the economy which I think we need, plus collecting items encourages play just like fighting custom mobs does. The Group bonus might need to be adjusted for this. Perhaps we could exchange custom drops like Dragon Stones, Sparks or mob heads?

    I especially don't think we would be doing the Rupee economy any favors by allowing us to purchase vanilla items with Tokens. I think it blurs the line between the two systems with the only benefit being a new way to use Tokens.

    I think anything we can buy with Tokens should be EMC only. Things like: Promos, Residence edits, Ranks, Outpost features, cosmetic features for chat or our avatars, and so on. More ways to obtain Tokens could be added that are EMC exclusive, like: custom quests, participation in games like Firefloor, server events like Build a Base, or the recent Ginger Bread House contest.
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  11. Any chance that it's possible to use tokens for currency in the Frontier?
    Outpost currency? Outpost block inspections/mob count investigating/ moving a massive tree grown over here to a spot over there/ etc.
    Dare I even ask, outpost shop currency? From one player bank to other player bank (Emc PayPal)
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