Revamp; "Who am I?"

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  1. Hey guys, so I did a forum about this back when I first joined.

    Let's just say...BIG MISTAKE.

    So I'm just going to do a revamp of it.

    Especially since I've almost been on EMC for 2 years.

    *Has short self party*

    Anyways, let's go.

    (Im getting these off a website.)

    Color: Pastels + Orange
    Food: ..Sushi
    Show: Hmm... What about:

    Singer: I have a lot, but lets go with Melanie Martinez
    Band: Fall Out Boy
    Movie: Schindler's List
    Topic: WW2 ONLY BECAUSE I get moved by how hard the families tried and emotional about what happened, and it's very interesting
    Religion: I'm not religious. My father is an Atheist and my mother is a Catholic, but never went to church except from when she was 5-9
    Music: Alternative, Rock, Metal, Pop, and Trap
    And A Capella but that's our secret, yea?

    Nicknames for your friends: Lizzi, Sammi, Kelsi, Lici
    Nicknames for your guy friends: Nol, Con, Jace
    Nickname given to you by your friends: Linnie
    Full Name: No, thanks. Just call me Linnie. No one needs to know my real name.
    Nickname online: Frost / L / Lyne

    -Family & Friends-
    # of friends : True ones; 7 Not True; 0
    Your Pets: 4 cats, 2 dogs, 5 cacti, A rock, 2 snails.
    # Of family members at home: 3 (counting me)
    Pet you wished you had: Chinchilla, rabbit, vampire bat, snake...all of them..?
    Popularity on a scale from 1-10: Zero C:

    Class: Writing / Home Education
    Grade: 6th was my favorite
    Teacher: Not giving out full names, so Mr.K

    And there's a lot more, but that's all. c:
    Now go relax

    I'm going to leave
    And I bet you're all happy you're done

  2. ...I'm just glad it's laden with gifs. :)
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  3. Hi Frost. Great post. :)
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  4. Ima still put my standard text ===> here. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  5. Came here and wanted to make a Ronnie Pickering joke ;-;

    Anyway, hi Frost. :p
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  6. Cool two year intro ;)
    +1 for Sushi! Totally love sushi.
    Now, I am going to relax :) Perhaps watch Uma Thurman dance. :p
    Pics of said pet rock, or it didn't happen.
    See ya down in them mines.
  7. I have no pictures of the rock
  8. YES!!
  9. All of the gifs make me happy, I approve!