Returning to Town

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  1. I went to the wilderness to gather some resources. I then noticed I was running low on hunger so tried to return to town. I was unable to use commands, can someone help me return?
  2. You have to find your way back to the Wilderness spawn (or an outpost). The easiest way is to use the Live Map. To get to the Live Map click on servers at the top of the site. To learn how to use the Live Map see this section in the Empire Guide:
  3. The easiest way to get home is to use the live map (smp1) or ask for somebody who knows how to use it to retrieve you.

    Darn you Justin!
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  4. But if you were on smp2 that is a different live map :)
  5. Oh, but I was one step ahead of you!
    If you click "live map" it brings you to the smp2 one, whilst clicking "smp1" brings you to the smp1 map.
  6. Okay thank you guys! I figured that out after thinking about it for a second :p
  7. Looks like you finally won one, what is the score?
  8. Well, you beat me to the first post...

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