Returning and unable to claim a home.

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  1. When I try to claim a new res. I am greeted with "You have reached your limit of 1 Residence." However when I use the /Home Command I get the error "That Residence could not be found on any server!"

    I am guessing something has happened with a res I used to own? No clue really I quit playing months ago I was a donator with a couple of Residence but I thought I got rid of them before I quit.

    Anyway any help I can get would be helpful.
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  2. If you used to be a supporter (gold or diamond) you might still have your second res. Did you try /home 2, /home 3 or /home 4 ?
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  3. Are you the owner of the res that is not a res?
  4. Huh. Jpg
  5. The one on SMP2? I'm pretty sure that he's not
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  6. Yea that one :)
  7. Contact IcC (Here) And tell him your issue

    You could try Shaunwhite1982 (Here) and Maxarias (Here) but they might no be to help
  8. You have a res 5297 on utopia.
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  9. Solution:
    1) /res unclaim
    2) /v open
    3) /claim <resnumber>
    4) /home
  10. /home would get you to your first res, but doing /home 2(3)(4) will get you to your other reses. As alexchance said ;)
  11. His problem was that he couldn't claim, because he has a res still from being a supporter and now he's a normal member. :)

    That's now fixed though,
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  12. You have to be on your res to do /res unclaim >.<
  13. Not really, I think shaun mentioned somewhere you can /res ANYTHING everywhere. /res pset NUMBER works, so I'm assuming you can do it with /res unclaim.
  14. On the street I think it just says "this is an invalid residence." You can do /res info [res#] but I'm guessing that's it unless something's new haha. I'll go test it in a sec.
  15. I'm 99% sure that /res unclaim is one of the few commands that you DO have to stand in your res for - presumably to prevent you doing it by "accident" (and probably because it's an Empire exclusive command too).
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  16. Totally unrelated... But I thought this was Chickeneer posting.

    I was all ready with my, "peep peep peep."