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  1. I've been off of EMC for about two days, cause i got grounded. -.-

    This is just a thread for any auctions I posted on and I didn't read the 50 messages in my alerts or ddn't read any of the conversations anyone started with me. So just tell me anything I commented on, or whatever and what not stuff. :p
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  2. You won my auction for a double chest of eggs. :)
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  3. If I might ask, why did you get grounded?
  4. You won the auction I made, the invisble copies of "Instersomethingcoolhere"

    You know owe me 943445 rupees. If you don't pay up Ill report you to Chucky (the doll from childs play) and trust me that's not a doll you wanna meet!
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  5. Sir, I only have 90,581r I am sorry. Please allow Chucky to kill me. :D
  6. You, my friend, are dead.
  7. I hope you know how dangerous that doll is!

    Ohwell He will find you and murder you while you are in the bathroom because you had to take a pee break from minecraft. And after that he will take your heart and chew on it. And after that he will give it to your mom. -.-