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  1. hello C.E.O. if retrobuilders inc. here saying we are now accepting work post below or PM me we accept most work (preferablly in town not wild)
    jobs accepting:
    -redstone inventions
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  2. we are accepting jobs now
    jobs accepting
    -redstone iventions
  3. If you're creating a company on EMC make sure you're description uses proper grammar and punctuation, it makes you look a lot more proffesional and people are able to take you seriously. Also, since there really is no description, people wouldn't really know what they are applying for.
  4. this isint an application form that is the other 1 this is if anyone wants to hire us
  5. Right, but I still have no clue for what? Obviously building, but what? Will you build me a replica of the Taj Mahal?
  6. updated again
  7. The misspelling of 'mining' hurts my brain :(
  8. This one is amused.

    Oh, and you might want to post pictures of what you've built.