Retired staff should get a special in-game item. (IMHO)

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  1. In my opinion, retired staff should get a special in-game item, such as a "Veteran's Helmet" or "Retired Staff Helmet." This is just a thought – a way to honor retired staff. Or perhaps a certificate (in the shape of a book)?
    If you do not like the idea, then feel free to ignore this. Or, you can voice your opinions.
  2. Why would you say this if you arent/wernt a staff?
  3. Don't they get lifetime diamond for free?
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  4. They get around 8 months of free Diamond supporter, not lifetime
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  5. Thats still a lot. Prob more than 100$
  6. Dont they get 1month of diamond supporter for every month they are Staff?
  7. 8*20=$160. And thats really nothing in comparison to their impact EMC. I suspect they get to keep their 5th res, so thats another added bonus.
  8. Agreed
  9. I knew it was quite a bit of time. :p I don't think much more is needed, but that's just my opinion.
  10. I say 'no' ... as different staff helped out for different amounts of time - so if someone per-say worked less time than them, or with less effort, even if they weren't as busy as some of the other staff... or if a staff was demoted for not-so-good reasons ... it wouldn't be fair for them to receive the same equivalent item as another.
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  11. I would leave it to the admins, they are fully aware of how much a staff member has contributed and how much that member should get in return.
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  12. Good point, but something that shows us that they served the Empire would be awesome, eh? It would be akin to awards/commendations for serving in the military, though definitely not for the same reason nor service.

    I said that because, well, I think that those who served should have a token of their service. I remember Green_Mystery and Twitch1. Twitch1 contributed to the multiplayer allowed game modifications. I remember he tested a few out, especially around 1.2.4 and 1.2.5. And I remember Green_Mystery, of course. In fact, here is a picture for you.
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  13. Since they get Diamond, in some cases they do get something to keep: Three extra residences. I think that if I were ever Staff, the memories I took away from the experience would be as good as or better than anything anyone could give me in game.

    Something I was thinking about earlier today that is kind of related to this(kind of... maybe... not really) was that Forum posts show everyone's current player status rather than their status at the time of their post. There was an old thread I was looking at that had comments made by Staff before they were Staff.

    I'm not suggesting anything can or should be changed, but knowing the status of the person posting at the time they made the post might help someone who doesn't know a lot of the history here to understand what they are reading.

    Maybe something like a Former or Retired Staff tag under the player's name would help someone who hasn't been around long to understand his post. For example, Twitch sometimes makes comments that reveal he knows a little about what goes on behind the scenes here. Having a Retired tag would let people know that what he is posting is based on his actual experience rather than heresay.

    A tag of some sort would also be a lasting reminder of their service to the EMC community.
  14. I agree with this! Though I very much appreciate the staff and would like to acknowledge those who have retired, I think that it is really up to the admins to decide this issue. I mean, 160$ worth of diamond membership plus an extra fifth res is already a lot. For all I care, that fifth res can be made into a personal monument to their own time as staff by whatever retiree lives there. Though this would be nice, I think it is best to leave this to the admins. :)
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  15. Okay, I should probably state that I am merely voicing my idea. This idea of mine is to treat retired staff in a similar way to how retired military people are treated at a military base.
    I should say that this thread was meant for brainstorming the unlikely, not attempting to get something changed. I am assuming that this will not be done officially (Twitch1's signature identifies him as a retired staff member unofficially).
    Did this statement change anything?

    Ah, EMC is more of a republic than it is an Empire!

    Also, if 2 of the moderators did not tell me about Dark_Liz, I would not have know his role in the server's development!
  16. I could not have said it better myself. (Yes, I cut out the first paragraph. The other paragraphs hit home base.)
  17. History is important, whether the history of the Ancient World or the history of EMC. I congratulate you on finding more about EMC's history and important people and I appreciate your attempts to acknowledge and accept those pieces of history. We are not turning down your idea, we are simply offering our own opinions and ideas to build up or change your own for the better. When we say that the admins can take care of this, we are not saying that your idea was silly, we are simply saying that it would be better idea in the current time period to let the admins do what they want to do. Thank you for understanding this. :)
  18. I regret that I still know very little. And the staff have a long list of things to add, so I do not want this added. I like the idea, though.
  19. Not a bad idea, as far as honoring retired staff goes. However, most staff retire because they no longer have the time or ability to handle player requests or questions. Giving them a title will, more than likely, pull them into a staff role again.

    Also, plenty of folks know what happens "behind the scenes." "Regular" players help us out all the time. Look at Jackbiggin, he was staff before he was staff. :D
  20. True. I hadn't considered that someone may want to retreat into anonymity. I was mainly thinking it could potentially add meaning or credibility to their posts while also addressing the OP's intentions.

    Someone mentioned that Twitch is using the Signature for this purpose. Since we all have control over our own Signatures by default, perhaps this is one of those things that it is best left as is.