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  1. Recently I have been making texture packs and play SMP with a few mobs in witch I been using the fishing rod to bring mobs closer to fight. i would want it to look like a claw and I wish to change the to a claw but i would like to change the line to a chain can i do that?
  2. Sorry, what?
  3. He's asking, if it's possible to make a graphic that would represent a "chain" when you use the fishing pole.
  4. Oh... Yeah, I didn't even get close to that. and I don't see why not.
  5. I'm not 100% sure if there actually is a line. I haven't used the pole much though, so I'm not sure. I THINK I remember it being just the pole and the bobber/hook.
  6. If that's the case then no, I doubt it... ill go test it.

    Okay, I tested it. it does have a link and thus should be able to be done. ill give it a quick 5 minute test.

    • The Fishing Rod's string is not rendered in SMP when cast.
  7. thanks for trying