[RESULTS!] EMC Promo Video Contest!

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  1. So a month ago I started an EMC Promotional Video contest that was quite a success! Thank you everyone who submitted a video and who supported the contest!

    Here are the winners..
    But first I should probably give you the links of the videos of the people who submitted :D Here are the videos in order of submission date.

    And now that you've seen all the videos here are the winners...
    But first maybe you should know the prizes :D

    1st Place Winner
    • 30,000r
    • DC of stone brick or stone
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    • DC of Swiftness Extended (8:00) potions
    • DC of Fire Resistance Extended (8:00)
    • An acting role in my next EMC video (that is if the winner wants to :p)
    • 1 Beautiful Beacon!
    • EMC Firework
    2nd Place Winner

    • 15,000r
    • DC of Stone Brick
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    3rd Place Winner

    • 7,000r
    • DC of Ender Pearls
    And every video submission recieves 500r! :D

    And now that you know the prizes, here are the winners...
    Or maybe you should know how we determined the winners:

    Each video was judged based on a score sheet containing the categories:
    • Originality
    • EMC Features
    • Music
    • Quality
    • Energy
    • Editing
    • Duration/Timing
    Each category had a maximum of 5 points which in total was 35 points for the entire score sheet. There was 12 judges to determine the top 3 winners :D
    And now that you know how we determined the winners... here are FINALLY the winners :D
    Drumroll please...



    Thank you everyone who submitted a video and supported this contest! There was so many wonderful videos and believe me, it was a very difficult desicion to choose the winners! Remember guys, you are all winners: you made an awesome video and promoted EMC :D
    Each video submission will recieve 500r for participating in the contest and promoting EMC :D

    WINNERS: I will PM you where to receive the prizes and such :p
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  2. Grats to all who won!
  3. o.O

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    Thanks guys, congrats to the other 2 winners!

    (although I must say, you forgot a "g" in my name :p)
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  4. I have no idea how to make videos :(
  5. oops sorry ill fix that now :p and congrats! :D
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  6. Congrats to the winners! And also thank you heyaroo for this chance.
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  7. so close:O it was fun while it lasted:)
  8. COTB!
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  9. well done to everyone who entered
  10. Well, it was fun, should've made a second version of the video involving the recently added features... :)

    Congratulations and have fun with your money winners! :)
  11. What?! I missed a film making competition... You guys won't be seeing me for a while then *Goes and cries in a corner* Anyway, congratulations to the winners of this contest! :D