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  1. so i came up with this idea that i want to make a very realistic and very nice restaurant under my res
    that people can come to relax and order food we will have a bar maybe a casino and a pool.
    i will say to you when its going to be finished. maybe some of you can give star
    for my restaurant i hope i get 5 star:):)
    my res 4128
  2. Sounds interesting! I can't say I have seen this often on the Empire, good luck with it all :)
  3. RANDOMBOISTRIKES!!!! omgsounds GOOD!1 i am @ a lov-ely 'otel rite NOI!!!
  4. it will take awhile to build
  5. Good Luck Warlock xD I might help :p
  6. thanks and i hope you'll help its a lot of work :p