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  1. we is closed untill further notice. Thank You
  2. If you'd like you can sell items to me at 509 in the supplier section :)
  3. Name: Gap542
    Item: Sand and cobblestone
    amount: 2 double chest of sand and 4 double chests of cobble
    Time limit: a week?
  4. Gap what server? also how is 700 rupees?
  5. Name: Nickjwolfe
    Item: stone-brick and nether-brick
    amount: 1 double chest of netherbrick and 1 double chest of stonebrick
    Time limit: 3-4days
    Server: smp5 res 10317
  6. VividOptimism
    White wool
    20 double chest
    At least 2 double chest a week
    20,000 rupees
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  7. Vivid accepted.
  8. 500r is fine
  9. SupremeDr is looking for a Partner. must reside in SMP1. Get 40% of the proceeds
  10. Agent_notch your order is filled. please come to 2001 to claim it.
  11. Sounds good,

    Private message me on the forums to let me know when it's done.
  12. Dear NickjWolfe. I am sorry to say that due to the type of order placed, time alloted, etc. I have to decline your offer or at least heavily postpone it
  13. Name:alex_jacob
    Item:sand and oak wood
    amount: 2 doube chests of sand, 1 single chest of oak wood
    Time limit: 1-2 weeks
    server: smp2 4140
  14. Alex_jacob how about 2300 rupees?
  15. Name: cam13868674
    Item: Sand
    Amount: 2 double chests of sand.
    Time limit: 1-10 days
    My bid: unknown/make offer
    Server: smp4
  16. Name: SuperVal_Junior
    Items: Netherbrick, Sugar Cane
    Amount: 2 double chests of each
    Time limit: 1 week
    Sever: SMP9
    Offer: ???
  17. Name: Dwight5273
    Item: Wheat
    amount: Double chest of wheat
    Time limit: Week
    Your Bid: make offer then talk
    Server: Smp5 10240
  18. cam13868674 how about 600 rupees?
    SuperVal_junior Declined. I do not do netherbrick
    Dwight5237 How about 150 rupees?
  19. Name: SuperVal_Junior
    Items: Sugar Cane
    Amount: 10 double chests
    Time Limit: 2 weeks
    Offer: You make one, then we discuss
    Sever: SMP9