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  1. Alright. I've started a business for other businesses. On my res on smp7 I am building a large-ish building that contains portals to other shops. My organization is more or less neat. On the interior, the walls are lined with portals to shops and houses. Shop portals cost 100r/month and house portals cost 50r/month. If you would like a house portal, the house on your res must qualify. To qualify, simply PM me or post on the forums and I will check out your house ASAP. Shops don't have to qualify, but I need at least 2 reasons why I should put your shop portal in my res. If you visit right now, you will see portals already lit and bought. Those are for friends or people who I have already made a deal with. I will be working as much as possible to finish the building in which the portals are placed. I will build higher as I need to. No one has to pay till sometime in the first week of April for the monthly fee. I have a simple way telling people what the portal goes to: Shop = white wool in front of the portal and Home = Black wool in front of the portal. If you need further help, please tell me. Thanks for your time.

    Link 3 some pics:
  2. Pics? Shop items, prices? If nobody knows your shop exists, they probably wont want to advertise theirs, so please, put pics, prices, and Advertise, my friend!
  3. Actually I did put up prices, 100r/month for shop portal and 50r/month for house/res portal
  4. Nice 1ach.
  5. lol i would sell em for 100 one time deal...
  6. Thx you12
  7. Yes, but it's not much when you think about it because the daily log-in bonus is 100r. Plus i need to be able to earn some money here. I figure that if i have to spend 70r on obsidian 4 one portal, i need to be able to make money. plus the cost of wood for a mew floor... thats the point of the pricing.
  8. Prices on the actual shop. Nobody wants an advertisement for a shop that doesn't have items. 100r is pretty unreasonable, maybe 75, because your advertisement skills may need a little work. 100r is all some people get for the day and aren't willing to spend it a month so 1 out of 100 people can come to their store.
  9. Uk ow there is voting.