Respiration 3 diamond helm

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  1. Does anybody have an unused one? If so would really really like to buy it. :)
  2. How much do you want for it?
  3. pxsl, you realize it's about 225r for a diamond helmet without the enchant :p
  4. ya i gust ill 250
  5. Ill take is for 300
  6. Are you using this to get clay?
    If so just get about 5xp and enchant a gold helmet. They enchant much better and tye helmet wont take damage from going underwater so aslong as your carefull it will last forever! :)
  7. Under water base!
  8. Same principle, using it just for going jnderwater doesnt do any damage to it so a gold helmet will be fine
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  9. Thanks for the info! :) Also, turns out his helm didnt have rep. 3 on it anyways.