Respect for this server

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  1. hello guys,

    i have lot's of respect for the staff of this server for this great community...
    i don't know how they do it but they do it!
    they write even their own plugins :eek:
    i've been working at a server on my own and it's a lot of work :D (but it's fun also)

  2. Indeed my friend:)
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  3. Haha, I how is it going with your own server?
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  4. Great Post! The staff deserve alot of credit. It takes alot of time and patience to deal with us hooligans :rolleyes:
  5. good good :D but a lot of work also :p
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  6. Thank You Brennian.... We do appreciate the good words.... :)
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  7. no problem you all did a great job ! :D
  8. WOOT WOOT EMC for the win!:D
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  9. I REMOVED this once nicely as it is TOTALLY against the rules and inappropriate.... Do it again and I will give a harsher punishment.
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  10. Ok, sorry as it was a 12 rated film in the UK I gathered that the 13 MINIMUM age rules would make it acceptable..

    I did not know it was removed as I was not notified it was removed, I gathered my laptop messed up and I did not make the post successfully...

    You may want to remove the link from your qoute,
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