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  1. I've seen people post pictures of what they do on emc and such, and I really like the look of some of them.

    I really want to download some, but my PC is a piece of crap XD and won't let me dowoad them, so I was wondering is there a way to download the resource pack on my phone e and upload it to my PC? (I have a USB cord that connects my phone and PC)
  2. I don't believe there is a way.

    But, I am not an Apple pro. (Assuming you're using Apple)
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  3. Windows :3
  4. I've just some it and downloaded two from my phone to PC

    I will post instructions to do it soon :)
  5. Can anyone recommend good texture packs for emc?
  6. I'm using Equanimity rescource pack
  7. I actually have a couple ones that I enjoy. This are all based on my opinion only. If you do have a bad computer disregard the 2 links that I show first. Those are 32x32. The last two are 16x16 and they should run fine for a slow computer.


    My main one that I'd run most times are this one...

    I use this time to time.


    But the most commonly I use for regular play is...


  8. Thanks I'll try these out asap
    Kytlua!!! :D , I'll also try yours out too :)
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