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  1. Today I have taken some time to retexture a few blocks in the Default Minecraft resource pack. What I'm asking of you, the community, is to give me ideas on what else I should retexture. This pack has already been released to a few people for "beta" testing. When giving your ideas, please list specific blocks and keep it all in a single reply.


    Current Blocks:
    • Obsidian
    • Ice, Packed Ice
    • Dirt, Grass, Podzol, Mycelium, (Snow) Grass
    • Furnace (When cooking)
    • Wooden Planks
    • Nether Portal Blocks (Red/Maroonish)
    Possible Blocks:
    • Wool
  2. Since I don't really know what you have retextured I can't give very good advice, but arrow's can sound SO much better with a good pack.
  3. I'm asking for what I should retexture, not advice on what I have already textured. Which is why I have set up the small team of "beta" testers
  4. Retexture wool, I find some of the wools very ugly.
  5. Is this thread for the beta testers only then? If it is just do this in a PM.
  6. This forum is for the community..
    I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm asking everyone what blocks they want changed. Beta testers are already trying out what I have changed.
  7. Alright. I just dont want to ask you to retexture a block that you have already done :p
  8. If anything I'd love to hear that, cause it just means I've done the right decision
  9. here's is the retextured blocks so far

    Picture by Kaja_the_pug
  10. The black block is obsidian, the retextured dirt/grass is applied to all dirt/grass blocks
  11. Add to possible blocks add glass if you have time
  12. Cmon guys! I need more ideas before I make the pack public! :p
  13. Get rid of the glass particle thing to make it more smooth. (All colors and stained whatever)
    It bothers me.
    I recommend changing the furnace texture, I know you already changed it but it doesn't really pop.
    Just being honest, the only things I can really tell you changed are the ice textures.
    Others look pretty much the same.
  14. In order to make it more smooth I recommend an allowed mod by EMC to do that, you can't really through resource packs

    And in my own opinion I think the furnace texture is fine
  15. Yeah you can... Two of my two packs do it.
  16. I never denied it, I just said I recommend an allowed EMC mod
  17. Personally, I think the wood-plank textures could use some work. They're varying degrees of gritty and unpleasant (default spruce in particular is pretty rough-looking). Maybe something to smooth them out and make them look more like wood you'd actually want to use in a house?