Resource Donation Request

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hello guys/Girls

    Im building my res, and its nearing completion. The only thing i need is glowstone/wool/cobble stone/glass.

    My question was, if anyone could spare some of these 4 items, and donate m to my project,. When my res is done ill put up a donation sign :)

    Any help is much appreciated!


    typ /visit Eclipsys to look at my res
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  3. I can send you some rupees, I have lots cause I support to help the server, and would rather play out in the wasteland.
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  4. Thx, ur the first :)
  5. i have about 8-12 stacks of glass that i dont need atm, and about half a stack of white wool
  6. Are you willing to donate? Or how much money do u want for it?
  7. Mile, could you maybe miss some more Rupees? Im building the underground Spleef arena, and i need alot of Lapis/Glowstone for my flooring, and wooden fences for the spectator bench + Stone for the contestant entracnes

  8. how much wooden fences you need? i have/can make 10+ stacks in no time (i just need to succeed in connection)
  9. Well, its a Spleef arena, and it will be a multi-level one, so, u'll go down 3 lvl of dirt n the last one standing will win, on every lvl i will need fences around the spectator benches, so quite alot :)
  10. I got Cobblestone you can have. :)
  11. are you online atm? Msgg me, thx for the donation :)
  12. i do have a cobble generator that produces 2 cobble for each use (aka mining the produced cobble) so ur welcome to use it if i ever get on :)
  13. Im still in need of some Netherrack/Glowstone/Stone and Glass. I've spent the money autonamus gave me on the Gentleman's Club Upper part, but forgot about my main hallway, i need to build a floor there as well.

    Any donations will be welcome :)

    And Thx in advance!