[Resort] 756: Updated Pics and News

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  1. Hi Empire! Thanks to your generous donations* the 756 Resort is coming along real nicely. However, I still have plenty of open, empty spaces that need to be filled:
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    See all of that space?! I really need suggestions for that kind of emptiness (sorry, no jacuzzi/hot tub :(
    But yay! The resort like I said is coming along very well! Here are some other pictures of the awesomeness:
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    View attachment 12750 View attachment 12751
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    View attachment 12756
    Drop by 756 and see for yourself! We've have the stage, cafe, hotel, diving boards, pool, and more but WE STILL NEED SUGGESTIONS to fill up the empty spaces.
    Thank you Empire!
    -minecraftgirl30 (MCGirl30)

    *We know what you're thinking. Oh no, a *. But this is only telling you good. Be one of 756's top six donators and have your name be the first thing people see!
    *Also special thanks to IPokemonI, Rangers_fany, bat192a, and nick_godoy for donating (so far) and also special thanks to Lasluin who helped me make this thing (the thread), and to RunningAmbush for helping me build on the residence :).
  2. For whatever reason, I can't seem to look at any of those... I just get "The requested attachment could not be found" when I try.
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  3. It's not just you. I'm experiencing this problem as well.

    To use an image, click "Upload a File", find the image and click either "Thumbnail" or "Full image". Alternatively, click on "insert/edit image" and insert the image URL.
  4. ok sorry i'll try to do something about that...
  5. :confused: Okay i'm sry i tried to find the pictures but i couldn't. I'll make sure to save the pictures in the next thread. For now if you want to see you can visit residence 756 on SMP1 of Empire Minecraft to find everything. It's open until i'm done with it.