[Resolved] Stranded in the nether.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Evesthery, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. On SMP1 I'm stuck in the nether just outside of an EMC outpost. I'm in the frontier nether. I don't have any materials. Please help me get back to town!
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  2. Go onto the live map.
  3. If you have nothing, just die. You'll respawn at town.
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  4. Based on the session logs it appears you got out.
  5. I logged out, but whenever I log into SMP1, I'm in the nether. I'm on mobile right now, but when I get onto the computer I'll post a screenshot of my co-ords. I can't just die, though. I'm on a weird, dark platform and I can see anything.
  6. Okay. So how did you get where you are? Just walked there or through a portal?

    Edit: I see based on your coords you are no where that you can't get out from. Looks like you were exploring nether rails and turned off the main path. With that there is nothing Staff can do to help (though i did break the netherrack up a bit just in case you were glitched into a block)
  7. I never purposely went into the nether. The first time I went onto SMP1, I was there.
  8. Well, actually, I don't see that. In fact. I see that your first visit to smp1 was the town and from there you went to the nether. Based on the session data (where you were at each logout) you have been in the nether for some time and moving about (not just in one place). So. Maybe someone else was / is using your account? Maybe you should change your Minecraft password to be sure.
  9. Good idea.