[RESOLVED] Session/Login Issues

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. I'm sure many of you have seen the session error log on trying to login.

    Just wanting to state the issue is known (oddly, hasn't even been "reported"), and found its an issue with our datacenter.

    I've got a ticket with the host about this.

    For the technical people...
  2. I have had this problem as well. Glad to see it's gonna be fixed.
    The reason for that might be that people think the problem is on their end or on Mojang's end, and no one thinks it's actually on EMC's end, so they won't report it to you. :)
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  3. This had only been an issue I believe for me this morning. I am sure glad its not just me, and that it will hopefully be resolved soon :)
  4. Alright, now I am getting this error: "Connection Lost-- Kicked whilst connecting to smp1: Sorry, you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time"

    I am only on one server at a time...?
  5. If you were on smp7 during the lag, try reconnecting there.
  6. It was during the lag. I have successfully reconnected. However it takes me 2 to 5 times to try to connect with the session error... but that is known :)
  7. I've been trying to log in and can't. I've seen this error as well. HELP! I want to play on EMC!
  8. I was freaking out about this because I thought I broke my game.. *I mean I blamed Chin anyway but..* I'm glad it's fixed. :p
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  9. Oh Hai didn't see this update heheheheh
  10. whats rong with utopia i can only conect ther fore fue mins then i get kicked with thise error ?

    "Connection Lost-- Kicked whilst connecting to smp1: Sorry, you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time"
  11. Getting the same thing on smp7 :\
  12. Host has let me know they have fixed the issue.
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  13. Does this mean that Utopia will no longer lag like a snail?
  14. That's an unrelated issue, which is what I will fix this evening after work.
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  15. In utopia I get about no lag :p
  16. im stil having thise proplem ):
  17. I am also having this problem on the Utopia server, and I work with vikingur82 - we are getting "kicked" for the smp1 thing and seeing server timeouts after about a minute. I don't know if it has anything directly to do with it, but the problem seems to be focused in the Nether. Please help, we haven't been able to do anything more than get kicked for most of this week. Your help is greatly appreciated. :confused:
  18. This issue has returned... I've opened another ticket with host.
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  19. Is session error when it says
    Invalid session (try restarting your game)

    I swear this is the most annoying thing
  20. nope, that's a different issue. i usually only face that if i've used minechat with the game window still open, even if not online. sometimes it just does that, on it's own, as far as i know. might be a game / internet thing, as i've had it happen when switching internet, too.

    what this is talking about is more along the lines of what happened after the halloween update, like how SMP7 and Utopia kept crashing and going unstable. They would crash and get the error about connecting to smp1, they would get disconnected randomly, and they'd get disconnection messages that were pretty much related to the servers that they were on that were having issues.

    Invalid session is pretty much a different thing entirely, would happen whether you were connecting to EMC or elsewhere. It's just a think that happens :p